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Tips on choosing the right colors based on your HomeStyle!

When it comes to decorating your home, the color scheme you choose can make a significant impact on the overall ambiance and atmosphere. Different home styles call for different decorative color items to achieve the desired look and feel. In this blog post, we'll explore various home styles and recommend decorative color items to enhance their unique characteristics.


  1. Traditional Style:
  • Color Palette: Earthy tones, warm neutrals (e.g., beige, taupe, ivory).
  • Decorative Color Items: Rich burgundy or deep green accents. Antique brass or bronze decor pieces add elegance.
  1. Modern Style:
  • Color Palette: Minimalistic, monochromatic (e.g., white, black, gray).
  • Decorative Color Items: Bold, contrasting accents like red, royal blue, or neon green in art pieces, cushions, or vases. Sleek metallic finishes for furniture and fixtures.
  1. Scandinavian Style:
  • Color Palette: Soft pastels, whites, light wood tones.
  • Decorative Color Items: Pale blush, mint, or baby blue textiles. Natural wood accessories and greenery to bring the outdoors in.
  1. Bohemian Style:
  • Color Palette: Rich jewel tones, vibrant patterns.
  • Decorative Color Items: Deep purple, emerald green, and burnt orange in rugs, tapestries, and drapes. Multi-colored throw pillows and eclectic wall art.
  1. Coastal Style:
  • Color Palette: Whites, blues, sandy beige.
  • Decorative Color Items: Seafoam green, aqua, and coral accents in cushions, glassware, or wall decor. Seashells and driftwood as natural accessories.
  1. Industrial Style:
  • Color Palette: Cool grays, matte blacks, rustic metals.
  • Decorative Color Items: Pops of bright yellow, fiery red, or electric blue through exposed pipes or industrial-style furniture. Vintage signage and mechanical art pieces.
  1. Mid-Century Modern Style:
  • Color Palette: Teal, mustard, walnut brown.
  • Decorative Color Items: Statement mid-century furniture in bold colors. Geometric patterned rugs and abstract art with retro color palettes.
  1. Farmhouse Style:
  • Color Palette: White, cream, muted pastels.
  • Decorative Color Items: Barn red or sage green accents in kitchenware, curtains, or throw blankets. Mason jars and rustic wooden signs for decor.
  1. Mediterranean Style:
  • Color Palette: Terracotta, cobalt blue, warm yellows.
  • Decorative Color Items: Colorful mosaic tiles in kitchen backsplashes or bathroom accents. Sunflower yellow or turquoise ceramics and textiles.
  1. Contemporary Style: 
  • Color Palette: Neutral base with pops of vibrant colors.
  • Decorative Color Items: Neutral-toned furniture with bright, contemporary art pieces. Colorful abstract sculptures and bold area rugs.


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